At CANNOR, we use the best from cannabis sativa plants, natural oils and herbal extracts to create high quality skin care products.

Hemp has been used as a very effective natural remedy for thousands of years. This is testament to its positive effects when treating skin disorders and numerous other health benefits.
At Cannor we passionately believe in natural healthcare. We offer high quality skin care products inspired by nature and the countless health benefits of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plants and other herbs and plant oils.

A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of every product we create, and we are committed to using natural ingredients excluding parabens and any other ingredient adverse to health and environment. We believe that the future of skin care and some parts of health care, as many researches show, is hidden in hemp (Cannabis Sativa). Our goal is to use the most out of this plant and create products, which could replace traditional skin care, potentially with better effect, and without side effects, added chemicals and animal testing.

Our Products are handmade in the Czech Republic, one of the biggest Hemp producers in Europe. For our extracts we use high quality Hemp, naturally grown in organic fields in the south part of the Czech Republic.


Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant contains a vast number of cannabinoids, such as Canabidiol-CBD , and many yet undiscovered components which could be greatly beneficial to human health and potentially help with treatment of many diseases and skin conditions. It is believed to be one of the most health beneficial plants on this planet.


The hemp extract we use in our skin care products is made by the most effective CO2 extraction process and from carefully selected high quality hemp plants. Our Hemp is extracted and tested in a medical grade, fully licensed laboratory to ensure the highest quality of the final product and guarantee the 0% THC level to meet legal restrictions in Ireland and the EU.


All our products are handmade with great care, using only high quality ingredients, natural oils and herbal extracts.


All our products are hand made with a great care from the best ingredients and never tested on animals.


The hemp extract we use for our skin care is produced and tested in a specialised laboratory to ensure it is 100% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) FREE, thus 100% legal

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